Wittenberg University

Established in 1845, Wittenberg University is a private university. The university began its first class with only eight students and three faculty members. By the end of the academic year, the number of enrolments grew to 71 students. In 1874, the university started admitting female students making it a co-educational institution. This resulted in an increase in the number of enrolments. The university majorly focuses on Liberal arts. It is associated with Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The logo of the university is made in a color combination of red and white which says, ‘Having light, we pass it on to others’.

The main campus of the university is spread across 114 acres of land. The campus avails student accommodation and mess facilities. Various departments are located at different halls of the campus. It provides all the facilities required by the students. The campus is close to some restaurants and cafes. Many stationery shops, departmental stores, and chemist shops are also located nearby the campus. The library popularly known as Thomas Library of Wittenberg consists of about 5,00,000 books and journals. All the resources are made available to the students. Overall, the campus features a Recitation Hall, Synod Hall, Blair Hall, Carnegie Hall, Hollenbeck Hall, Science Centre, Zimmerman Hall, Shouvlin Centre, and the Steemer field house. The university offers an undergraduate degree program and a postgraduate degree program. The undergraduate program consists of about 1,794 students and over 44 students are under the postgraduate program.

The university has over 100 registered student organizations. The academic structure of the university includes History, Forestry & Environmental Sciences, Dentistry, Engineering, Public health, and Nursing. The university has experienced faculty members. The students are provided with the opportunity to work under the professionals, gain practical knowledge and participate in student exchange programs. The university is often visited by industry professionals for guest lectures and workshops. Students also get a chance to interact with the guests. Also, they can bring up their queries in the query session with the guests.

The university has list of some remarkable alumni that includes George Izenour (Author, Theatre designer), Mark Henninger (American football coach), Gregory L. Frost (United States Federal Judge), Lauren Schmidt Hissrich (Television writer), Elwood V. Jensen (Renowned scientist), James Marcia (Psychologist), James Rebhorn (Well-known actor), Jennifer Vanderpool (Virtual artist), Robert Bruce Raup (Philosopher & writer), Hugh M. Raup (American botanist & ecologist), John Chowning (Inventor, professor), Sherwood Anderson (Writer), Lloyd C Douglas (Author), Paul Dressel (American educational psychologist) and Sandy Dukat (Famous Athlete).