Student Scholarship


Canada as a nation is highly proactive in promoting overseas education to students who are on the lookout for quality courses in Canada. The government’s prime focus has been in promoting higher studies in Canada which has resulted in the surge of thousands of students every year of which majority of them are from Asian regions especially India and China. The scholarship is available for Students with excellent academic records International Scholarship awards range from $500 one time up to $4,000 for each of four years for a total of $16,000.

*Scholarship amount given is of informative nature, may vary according to awarding bodies.

Both government and non-government scholarships are available for international students in Canada. These include –

Government scholarships

  1. Canada graduate scholarships
  2. NSERC postgraduate scholarships

Non-government scholarships

  1. Canadian Rhodes Scholars Foundation scholarship
  2. Trudeau scholarships and fellowships

In addition to this, there are some institution-specific scholarships for international students, such as scholarships of the University of Guelph, Queens University, and Centennial College.