Pre-Departure and Post-Arrival Briefing

Pre Departure Briefings:

Volant Overseas education organizes pre and post-departure get together for its students giving them an opportunity to meet others heading towards the same University or Country.

Post-Arrival Briefings:

We are constantly in touch with the Universities/ Colleges to ensure that our students do not face any problem related to accommodation, course, etc and hence provide enough support to them in their early stages in a new country when things would be new and unfamiliar.

Our specialist counselors, each with their own areas of expertise, provide extensive personal guidance on all aspects of overseas education, including the choice of schools and colleges, educational planning, sixth-form options, university entry, postgraduate studies, and professional training, as well as any educational issues which may be causing concern.

Counseling takes place by appointment in our offices or by telephone for those unable to visit. Afterward, our counselor will send you a report of the discussion, together with any recommendations, and will be happy to answer any query.