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Counsellor Vasu, I think he is undoubtedly the most energetic, well-informed and overly helpful counselor at Volant Overseas. He has made my decision for further studies, college selection, visa etc. so comfortably and easily. He is very approachable and you can ask her to help you with anything; you name it and she will be ready for the suggestions. Thank you so much for helping me out with this. You are amazing. I would definitely refer all my friends to you in future. Don’t let go of this passion you have for your work. Thank you once again.

Sandeep Rao
UK Student

Volant Overseas was referred to me by a friend. Since I started the whole process of international studies, my Counsellor Pradeep and his staff has been like a mentor to me and has guided me towards where I am now with a Visa for Australia. He has not only helped me but also my parents to understand the condition with constant encouragement. I would also like to thank Neetu mam for helping my scores in IELTS. Thank you, mam, for all your efforts and help.

Manoj Reddy
Canada Student

There was a time when I was blank about my career. But, at the same time, I met with Sravani Mam. She is an incredible lady. She is the most helpful counselor. Hats off to Sravani Mam because of her efforts. I got admission in one of the good universities in Canada with 10% scholarship. Nothing, simply best!

Canada Student

I was skeptical at first, but once I dived in I realized I had the best counselor to assist me with my admission process. Thank you Volant Overseas for all your help. I would definitely recommend Volant Overseas to all my friends who are interested in studying abroad.

Abhinay kakumani
Usa Student

Mr.Pradeep, aside from your vast experience and professionalism, your constant attention and caring far exceeded the scope of your responsibilities and was that of a true friend. I cannot express my gratitude for your all help. Thank you so much for all your help and wonderful guidance. Your availability and creative suggestions were above and beyond what I expected. I wanted to thank you for all of the work, time and efforts you put for making me land at a right place. I could not do this without you. I have no suggestions for you as you are the right person to give suggestions to others.

Canada Student

I am having a very good time here. Deakin University, Melbourne is very advanced and full of opportunities. The classrooms, facilities, university clubs, student support centers etc. are all very cool. The teaching staff is also very nice. And talking about Melbourne! It’s a very quiet and peaceful city. The weather is awesome and there is a lot to discover and explore. I am looking forward to having a great time here. Thank You, Mounika for getting me here and helping me in all the odds. Thank you Volant Overseas!

Amit Yadav
Australia Student

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