Webb Institute

Webb Institute is a private undergrad engineering college in Glen Cove, New York on Long Island. It is an undergrad organization unlike any other. Besides offering every single accepted student who is US residents or Permanent Residents a full-tuition scholarship to visit, Webb incorporates thorough study hall learning, hands-on lab-work, and real-world experiences, giving them the experience and information to comprehend complex difficulties in the maritime industry and beyond. Each student moves on from Webb with a dual Bachelor of Science certificate in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, and are guaranteed paid internships in all the four years in this field. This adds to Webb’s 100% job placement rate and one of the most noteworthy starting salaries in the nation.

The Curriculum: The Webb educational program depends on a systems approach to engineering and is intended to be of such quality and depth that all alumni are set to enter the profession or to proceed with their education in premier graduate programs. The educational program and course descriptions are carefully planned and organized to accomplish the mission of Webb Institute by concentrating on the art and science of ship design. The 146 credit educational program gives every student design experience and is based on a strong foundation of arithmetic and fundamental and engineering sciences. Each semester incorporates at least one course in naval architecture or marine engineering that serves to integrate the program from the first to the last semester. The general education segment of the educational plan endeavors to teach the individual through offerings in the humanities and social sciences. At last, all students are required to finish a senior thesis with an oral report on the thesis project introduced to the whole Webb community and invited visitors.

Winter Work Term: A practical work period between the first and second semesters of each of the four years is an integral part of the academic program. These eight-week long ‘winter work’ terms give students direct involvement with the industry and energize attitudes and work habits that add to the sense of professional excellence. Lecture Series: Together with the proper courses, all students go to the Monday Lecture Series where speakers discuss a wide variety of themes from technical to historic to recent developments subjects. This weekly lecture series is intended to grow Webb students’ education in both technical and non-technical branches of knowledge. Once or twice yearly the Webb people group and invited visitors to gather for a unique evening presentation as a major aspect of the Zeien Lecture Series. The Zeien Lecture Series brings noted people from the industry, the scholarly community, the arts and government to Webb’s campus to share their stories, experiences, insights, and knowledge.