Valencia Community College

Valencia College is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and was named the best community college in the country. As a community college, Valencia principally offers two-year associate degrees, which transfer to university bachelor’s programmes. When compared to a Florida Public University, the degree of training at Valencia is equivalent, but the educational cost is 40% less. The class sizes are small and there are support resources. With more than 100 nations represented on its campus, Valencia invites students from everywhere throughout the world. The college’s committed International Student Services Group can help students from admissions and immigration to academic advising and university transfer. Students will have the flexibility to take classes days, nights or weekends on any of the five campuses or online. In addition, Flex Start courses are starting all the time. At the point when the student is done at Valencia College, she/he will be all set to go straight into a high-skill, high-wage occupation, or move to a four-year university with two years of transferable credits and ensured admission.

The Student Success Course is an excellent elective for new students trying to gain some college survival skills. Students will create systems for studying, time management, test taking, setting educational and career goals and utilizing the various Valencia resources available to them. Situated in Orlando, Florida, Valencia College gives an Intensive English Programme to students of 15 years of age or more. It acknowledges students at all language levels from beginner to advance. Students keen on a degree at Valencia who needs to improve their English can begin with the Intensive English Programme and afterwards move into a Valencia degree programme. The programme is certified by the Commission on English Language Programme Accreditation which is recognised by the U.S. Secretary of Education as a national certifying organisation for English Language Programmes and foundations in the U.S. Accomplishing accreditation through the CEA requires satisfying certain guidelines. Accreditation isn’t a simple procedure, and CEA-licensed programmes are among the best, not just in the U.S. but around the world.

There are libraries situated on all the Valencia’s five campuses, each offering a wide assortment of educational resources, including books, periodicals, eBooks and multimedia resources. The libraries give students computer workstations for accessing the internet more than 140 online databases and journals. Administrators and library staff are always available to assist with research, documentation and all of the technology at Valencia’s libraries. Free tutoring is available in all subject zones upon request. Both one-on-one and group coaching is accessible, so students can get the academic help that they need, regardless of the learning style or programme of study. A few subjects, for example, math, reading and writing, are accessible on all campuses, while others are campus specific