University of Dayton

Established in 1850, the University of Dayton is on a mission to create a better world by building a community of people having varied talents and diverse backgrounds. Spread over 373 acres, it is a Catholic research university located on the banks of the Great Miami River in southwest Ohio in the USA. The university offers various, postgraduate, undergraduate and doctoral-level programmes. Furthermore, it offers an integrated bachelor’s and master’s degree through the Bachelor’s Plus Master’s Program (BPM). Also, the university offers Professional & Continuing Education and Intensive English Program.

The academic units of the university include School of Education & Health Sciences, the College of Arts & Sciences, School of Law, School of Business Administration and School of Engineering. The university comprises a team of highly educated faculty members. Furthermore, experts from the industry also deliver lectures on their visit. The university boasts of a state-of-the-art campus for offering the best learning experience. There are advanced laboratories, libraries, computer centres and studios in the campus. The university focuses on research-oriented education. It maintains more than 40 research institutes and centres. The university is in partnership with several industries for carrying out sponsored research and development projects. Also, it maintains partnerships with other universities and research organisations for research association and technology transfer.

The university has collaborated with reputed international universities across the world for education abroad and exchange programmes Furthermore, the university believes in the study for all and charges low tuition fees. It facilitates students with scholarships, grants and part-time work opportunities so that money does not become a burden for students. The university offers modern hostel facilities to students on the campus. The university is not just a centre for best-in-class education but also extra-curricular activities. There are fields, sports courts, swimming pools, fitness centre and other facilities at the campus, keeping students physically active. The cultural clubs of the university organise various events including music fest, dance competitions, stage play, art exhibitions and others. The university carries out skill development workshops and industrial training to make students industry-ready. Furthermore, career counselling and alumni mentoring sessions are also offered at the campus