Trinity College

Established in 1823, Trinity College is a private institution which was earlier known as Washington College. Later in 1845, it was renamed as Trinity College. It is known to be the 2nd oldest college in the state of Connecticut. In 1969, the college became a coeducational institution. The buildings are built in Greek Revival architecture.

The Hartford Campus of Trinity College is known as Long Walk. The campus also includes a movie theatre that is run by the student body and is known as Cinestudio. Trinity College is a part of Liberal Arts School that offers a degree in Engineering. Also, it offers more than 900 courses in 41 majors in the field of Environmental Science, Neuroscience, International Studies, Law and Public Policy.

Currently, College has 2,098 Undergraduate students and 91 graduate students from 47 states and 68 countries. It has 155 students clubs and organizations. Alumni include Fulbright and Watson scholars, MacArthur Fellows, and five Pulitzer Prize winners.

The college has a remarkable list of alumni, including Percival W. Clement (57th Governor of Vermont), Isaac Toucey (18th Governor of Connecticut), Sam Kennedy (President and CEO of Boston Red Sox), Tucker Carlson (Host of Fox News Channel).