The University of Texas at Dallas

Established in 1969, the University of Texas at Dallas is an open research university that is associated with the Universities Research Association. In 1961, the university developed a Graduate Research Centre. Later on, in 1967, this center was named Southwest Centre for Advanced Studies. During 1994, the enrolment increased by 61% to about 14,000. In the early years, the university only admitted students for undergraduate degree programs and as the number of students increased, it began to offer postgraduate degree programs. The university is known to be considered at the top amongst 50-year-old universities in Texas.

The campus is spread across an area of 445 acres. It comprises of visitor halls, a students’ accommodation, and parking facilities. The students are provided with all the necessary facilities at the campus.

The university offers more than 140 programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels in their 8 academic schools. The undergraduate course consists of around 21,215 students and the postgraduate course includes 7,454 students approximately including 5200 international students in the year 2019

The University gives students opportunities to work on various research projects in the field of cybersecurity, bioengineering, nanotechnology, space science, and brain sciences. It comprises about 50 research centers and institutes. In 1975, the Callier Centre merged with the university, which conducted studies based on the prevention, analysis, and treatment of communication disorders.

It has an academic faculty of 1,342 and 1,339 full-time staff. It also spends $122 million in research expenditure. It also has more than 124,000+ Alumni around the world. There are over 300 registered student organizations on campus. It,s library holds around over 3 million collections in physical as well as in electronic form. 

UT Dallas has a list of notable alumni that includes Aziz Sancar (Nobel Prize in Chemistry), Christian Belady (Architect at Microsoft), Ryan Cabrera (Famous musician), Rob DenBleyker (Co-creator of Cyanide and Happiness), and Lynn Duggle (CEO at Enginity)