Saint Edward’s University

Saint Edward’s University is a private university in Austin, Texas. The university was founded in 1885 under the Holy Cross tradition by Reverend Edward Sorin, who was the Superior General of the Congregation of Holy Cross. In 1925, it received its first charter. In 2002, the university inaugurated Trustee Hall, which is a 33,000 square-foot academic facility. In 2006, it launched the north facility of The John Brooks Williams Natural Sciences Centre, which was the first of a two-building science complex and housed the biology and chemistry programmes in the School of Natural Sciences. By 2013, the south facility of this Natural Sciences Centre was also inaugurated by the university.

Collectively, the north and south facility of this Natural Sciences Centre house the biology and chemistry programmes as well as computer science, mathematics and physics programmes. This Natural Sciences Centre also comprises 13 classrooms, high-technology computer and math labs and a 126-seat auditorium. With time, the university has made serious advancements and revamps such as renovating its existing campus buildings. In 2009, it opened a new residential village. In 2013, it revamped its campus library and added several advancements to it such as global digital classrooms for video conferencing, renovated reading, study and meeting areas, an expanded digital collection and writing and media centres.

The university offers graduate programmes such as Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) of Leadership in Higher Education, Master of Accounting, Master of Arts in College Student Development, Master of Arts in Counselling, Master of Business Administration, Master of Liberal Arts and Master of Science in Digital Marketing and Analytics. The university offers majors and minors in the fields of study such as Accounting, Art, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Communication, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Economics, English Literature, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Science and Policy, Forensic Science, French, Global Studies, Graphic Design, History, International Business, Kinesiology, Management, Mathematics, Philosophy, Photography and Media Arts, Political Science, Psychology, Religious and Theological Studies, Social Work, Sociology, Spanish, Teacher Education, Theatre Arts, Video Game Development and Writing and Rhetoric.

Other subjects in majors include Accounting Information Technology, Acting, Behavioural Neuroscience, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Catholic Studies, Digital Media Management, Environmental Chemistry, Ethics and Leadership, Finance, Forensic Chemistry, Marketing, Medical Laboratory Science, Pre-Dental, Pre-Law and Pre-Medical. Other subjects in the minors are Animation, Digital Marketing, Education Studies, German, Music, Musical Theatre, Professional Ethics, Visual Studies and Women’s Studies. The university also offers pre-professional programmes such as pre-dental, pre-medical, pre-veterinary, pre-law and pre-physical therapy.

The university has partnered with several universities to offer partner programmes. It has partnered with the University of Texas Medical Branch to offer Biology and Clinical Laboratory Science. With Valparaiso University, the university offers electrical engineering. It also offers Engineering and Science in partnership with Washington University in Saint Louis. Another partnered programme offered by this university is ESTEEM, which is offered in partnership with Notre Dame. The university also offers certifications of EC-Grade 12, EC-Grade 6, Grade 4-12 and global understanding