Maharishi International University

As a reflection of the diverse body of its students and its growing global presence, the Maharishi University of Management has rechristened itself as the Maharishi International University (MIU). This was also its name in the days of initiation, when Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, in his pursuit of imparting deep self-knowledge among students while they engaged in academics, founded Maharishi International University in 1971, and thus developed his famous Consciousness-BasedTM education. MUM is a member of the Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

The university is currently housed in Fairfield, Iowa. MIU has a campus of about 370 acres in the area. It is just 80 km west of the Mississippi River. A Sustainable Living Centre forms part of the 45 buildings on the campus which also holds a 60,000 square feet recreation center. Several old buildings on the campus have been demolished and thereafter reconstructed using green technology relying heavily on ancient and traditional architecture from the Vedas. Around 1441 graduate and 292 undergraduate students from across 86 countries and varied religious faiths comprise a widely diversified student community at MIU. Transcendental Meditation, a practice preached and propagated by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, lies at the core of all of MIU’s curriculum as the university centers all its educational programs around its core values of unleashing the latent potential of each individual.

In keeping with its core values, MIU not only has to its credit at least six path-breaking, trail-blazing subject introductions but also follows a unique Block System of study whereby a student gets engaged in the study and mastering of just one subject over one month, all through 10 months. Free of diversions and pressures of several subjects and their coursework, class assessments, etc., students delve deeper into the single subject and gain deep insights into it that enrich their assimilation of finer nuances and permits mastery over it. Several programs at MIU are available online.