Hult International Business School – USA

Hult International Business School (HIBS) has campuses in three US cities. The institute calls itself a global business school because it also maintains campuses in five cities in different parts of the world. Being global and multicultural is not a strategy, but the institute’s identity. The foundation of HIBS was laid in 1964 when it was set up as Arthur D Little School of Management. Arthur D Little is famous as the world’s earliest management consulting firm. Later, the business school entered into a partnership with Boston College’s Caroll School of Management. The school was purchased in 2002 by Swedish billionaire Bertil Hult and was reorganized and re-established as what it is known today as Hult International Business School. HIBS acquired Hudson University, a private American university located in Bloomsberg, London, and this introduced HIBS to American shores.

Today, the business school is a novel genre, non-profit dynamic multicultural community. The business school helps international students get placed in lucrative jobs. Recruiters rank the school high on parameters of entrepreneurial abilities, curiosity, and international perspective. The business school curriculum stresses on practical application, embracing new technologies and driving change. Hult has a widespread global alumni network.

Several Hult alumni are eminent personalities. Hult alumni names have featured among Forbes listed names, founders of MNC groups, renowned world leaders, and UN and WEA officials, among others. Some famous Hult alumni names include Thabo Mbeki – second president of South Africa, Anil Shastri – Indian parliamentarian and son of late PM Lal Bahadur Shastri, and Obu Etudeko – founder of Honeywell group. Hult business school believes in going beyond business to excel in the industry. The B-school focuses on learning emerging trends. The B school encourages ideas that alleviate the conditions of highlighting world issues. Hult B School partners with the UN to present the Hult prize and support the team with a feasible business idea and potential to make the biggest impact.