Frostburg State University

Frostburg State University was established in 1898 by John Leake, Maryland State Senator. It is situated in Frostburg, Maryland because, at that time, this was the only site available free of cost. Started with 57 students in the first batch, it is now a fully-fledged residential university with over 5600 students.

The university offers 47 undergraduate, 13 master’s degree programs, and one doctorate program. Frostburg State University is set in the stunning Western Maryland Appalachian highlands. Campus Frostburg occupies 260 acres in the neighborhood of Historic Main Lane; Frostburg. FSU not only shares Frostburg’s hometown identity but is also closely associated with all that the area provides to students for living and studying. Small classes, with a student-teacher ratio of 16:1, allow personalized teaching and opportunities to study with committed teachers devoted to teaching.

Prestigious internships are sponsored by organizations such as the United Nations. The Senate, the National Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society, and IBM keep the students’ career going. The university also offers financial aid programs to help fund the education of those who need it. There are three types of programs: Grants and scholarships are compensation given as a “gift.” The money never needs to be repaid, though some guidelines might be expected to follow, such as keeping your grades above a certain level or enrolling in a particular major. Loans require repayment. These are usually sold at small interest rates, and once you leave FSU, these will be repaid for the long term. Work-study assistance offers an hourly rate, rather than a lump sum of money, for work done. Work-study positions have an extra benefit, too-they can go on your resume.

FSU has some notable alumni like Kevin Kelly, Gary Howell, Bob Maddox, Debra Monk, and many more.