Eastern Nazarene College

Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) is located in Quincy, Massachusetts. The college is known for its core curriculum based on liberal arts. It is also known for its courses on science and religion. Offering mainly undergraduate courses, the college was established in 1900. The campus spans over 21 acres and is set in Wollaston Park in the Quincy neighborhood. The campus is known for its botanical collection of trees – the arboretum. It is affiliated religiously with the Nazarene.

The college offers undergraduate courses in applied physics, accounting, business administration, biology, biochemistry, computer science, communication arts, Christian ministry, children’s ministry, chemistry, environmental studies, environmental science, engineering, education, forensic science, finance, global business, history education, history, healthcare prep, journalism and writing, liberal arts, mathematics, marketing, management, psychology, physics, religion, sports management, social work, theatre for social justice, worship arts, and youth ministry.

The college is credited to have amongst the best student cities courtesy its student center located within the campus. Named the Mann Student Center, it features an auditorium, student government association offices, coffee shops, a storeroom, a mailroom, snack bars, grill shops, a common cafeteria, and a large lounge. The college has a large faculty. Apart from regular faculty, there are also distinguished staff and faculty emeriti. The distinguished staff has been accorded such because of their tenure of service at the college totally an average of 20 or more years. Faculty Emeriti is accorded to those based on the number of votes given by the Trustees’ board, the nominees being handpicked by the college president.

The college has a well-established career services system. As part of career services, career assessment, career counseling, internships, mock interviews, resume preparation help, and such allied assistance are provided. The Brickley Center is where the career services division operates from. At the center, students seek assistance on life, relationships, issues with studies, studying conditions, emotional problems, and physical health development issues from appropriate counselors.

The alumni network is managed by the Office of Alumni Relations. Dining events, get-togethers, sports events, theatrical production events, chapel services, and information exchange forums are some of the ways where alumni come together. The Alumni office publishes upcoming alumni events on its webpage of the ENC website. The alumni publication named the Eastern Nazarene Magazine is an opportunity for past, present, and future students to understand the college’s rich 100-year-old legacy. Notable alumni are Richard R. Schubert who is the Vermont House of Representatives’ majority leader for the Democratic Party, Esther R. Sanger, a Quincy Crisis Center’s founder, and John S. Ridgen, a physicist.