Dongguk University

Dongguk University is one of the oldest universities in South Korea. Known worldwide for its excellent College of Oriental Medicine, the university and Dongguk University Los Angeles (DULA) has been providing impeccable education to students on either side of the Pacific. Formed in 1906 owing to the amalgamation of the Dongguk University and the Royal University of America, DULA’s vibrant students and faculty members have been helping people all over the world. Dongguk University has 4 campuses. The Los Angeles campus was formed in 1906. DULA is situated at the meeting point of Downtown, Silver Lake, Koreatown, Westlake, Chinatown, and Little Tokyo. It rests in a spacious 4-story building that is home to a clinic facility, meditation room, library, 14 treatment rooms, conference rooms, and 35 classrooms. The building is one of the largest medical facilities with expertise in Oriental techniques in the U.S. This campus was formed when the Royal University of America had merged with the Dongguk University. The focus of this campus is mainly on traditional Korean medicine.

The main campus is situated in Seoul, in the Jung District. It is situated to the north of Namsan. It also has 2 other campuses known as the Gyeongju campus that opened in 1979 and the Ilsan, Goyang campus that also focuses on traditional Korean medicine and medical technology. Dongguk University has 13 colleges. And, they are the College of Buddhist Studies, College of Humanities, College of Natural Science, College of Law, College of Social Science, College of Police and Criminal Justice, Dongguk Business School, College of Biotechnology and Life Science, College of Engineering, College of Education, College of the Arts, College of the Pharmacy, and Dharma College. There are a total of 9 graduate schools that offer various types of courses. And, they are the Graduate School of Digital Image and Contents, Dongguk Business School (MBA), Graduate School of Buddhist Studies, Graduate School of Public Administration, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Information and Communication, and Graduate School of Arts and Culture.

Dongguk University has a number of research institutes like Academy of Cultural Studies, Research Institute of Biotechnology, Institute of Business Administration, Institute of East/West Thought, Institute of Statistical Research, Institute of Information and Telecommunication, Institute of Japanese Studies, Institute of Electronic Buddhist Text and Culture Content, and Center for Advanced Colloidal Materials. The notable alumni of the Dongguk University include 22nd director of the National Intelligence Service of South Korea Suh Hoon, Korean Buddhist reformer Han Yong-un, Manhae Prize winner, novelist Jo Jung-rae, actress Jun Ji-hyun, actress Han Hyo-joo, K-pop entertainer Lee Seung-gi, member of Girls’ Generation Im Yoon-ah, Young K from Day6 rock band, Lee Jae-yoon, baseball players Kim Seong-han and Han Dae-hwa, footballer Ahn Hyo-yeon, mountaineer Park Young-seouk, novelist Jo Jung-rae, poets Shin Kyeong-nim and Moon Chung-hee, and painter Seok Cheoljoo.