Centralia College

Centralia College is a public community college in Centralia, Washington. In spite of the fact that it primarily offers certificate and associate degree programs, the institute also offers a couple of bachelor’s degree programs. Established in 1925, Centralia College is the most seasoned consistently operating community college in the province of Washington. It offers programmes that are associated with traditional liberal arts education. Students get opportunities to study fine and performing arts, hard sciences, foreign languages, media studies, mathematics, history, and natural resources. The Business Pathway consists of programs in accounting, business and office organization, and graphic design. Further, the Education & Social Services Pathway leads to careers ranging from teaching to drug counselling to law enforcement and corrections. Besides, it offers opportunities to students interested in a career in the healthcare sector. Notably, the Healthcare & Life Science Pathway lets you be a professional nursing and medical assistants, registered nurse, physician, dentist, pharmacist, and veterinarian.

Moreover, students also get to pursue study programs in diesel mechanics, gadgets, robotics, IT, energy technology, and welding. Not just this, the college offers four applied bachelor’s degree programs in Diesel Technology, Information Technology, Applied Management (business), and Teacher Education. The institute also offers transitional education. If one need to learn English or earn a high school diploma or GED, classes in basic skills can help get ready to start college or enter a new career. The Continuing & Community Education classes are non-credit ones that can help earn a professional certification (flagger, first aid, etc.), and learn important skills or enrich life and health. In addition, the college offers Family Development/Parenting courses for the parents of children of all ages.

Centralia College Foundation offers scholarships that are available to help in accomplishing student’s objectives. There are five classes of foundation scholarships, including merit-based, need-based, program-based, displaced homemaker and veteran/dependent. At the college, grants normally run from one-fourth of financing to full educational cost and might be accessible for a second year if recipients reapply. Notable alumni of the college include Charlie Albrigh – an award-winning pianist, composer, and improviser. Donald Eugene Ulrich is best known by the stage name Don Rich, was a country musician who helped develop the Bakersfield. Henry Brian Valentine is a software executive. He held positions at reputable companies including Intel, Microsoft and Amazon.com.