California College of the Arts

California College of the Arts is a non-profit, private school of art and design in California, US. Stephen Beal was appointed the President of CCA in May 2008, having served as the college provost since 1997. As the President, he advocates CCA’s academic vision to train students to become creative citizens, who bring about an entrepreneurial spirit, problem-solving skills and a strong desire to engage issues. The history of CCA dates back to 1907 when Frederick Meyer founded the college in Berkeley as the School of the California Guild of Arts and Crafts. The institute changed its name to the California School of Arts and Crafts in 1908. Later in 1936, it was once again renamed California College of Arts and Crafts. Spread across two massive campuses, one in San Francisco and another in Oakland, CCA offers a comprehensive curriculum of 11 graduate and 22 undergraduate.

The college is known for its commitment to social responsibilities, various academic programs and curricular interdisciplinary. The residence halls on the campus have a dining facility and a welcoming, open environment for all students. Architecture, Design, Fine Arts, Humanities and Science are the core disciplines offered at California College of the Arts. The college offers bachelor’s courses in Architecture, Arts, as well as master’s courses in Architecture, Arts, Fine Arts, Business Administration, Design and Advanced Architectural Design. Apart from that, CCA provides all students with raw materials, professional guidance, advanced digital technology, and hands-on tools to help them master the skills and work on different projects.

Amongst a number of modern facilities, the college also has a Digital Craft Lab that remains open to all graduate and undergraduate students pursuing a degree in Architecture. The lab is a collaborative space for digital fabrication, advanced research, material experimentation, and data visualization. CCA also offers different programs, such as the Summer Atelier, Young Artist Studio, and Pre-College Programme. Students can take advantage of the Study Abroad Programme and learn all about AICAD Exchange Programmes that involve the opportunity to visit other students at other schools in the US having collaboration with CCA. From training and resume preparation to mock interviews, the Career Development Programme offers comprehensive career counseling to help students pursue the right career path. The CCA Handshake Internship and Job Board collect listings from over 12000 employers. Alumni and students can apply for various opportunities, events and get in touch with career-makers. The Career Development office at CCA hosts training, networking opportunities, and professional meet-ups throughout the year.

Each year, California College of the Arts awards a certain amount for college-funded scholarships and combined scholarships, loans, grants, and employment to help students achieve their academic goals. The financial aid helps to meet additional college expenses, particularly for internships, work-study, and other resources. CCA provides placements and employment opportunities to students pursuing their final year of graduation. It has collaboration with some of the most sought-after companies and key employers, which include Disney/Pixar, Intel, Apple, Gensler, Facebook, Autodesk, IDEO, Nike and Mattel. The college has many prominent alumni. Robert Arneson, Viola Frey, Audrey Marrs, Natalia Anciso, and Robert Bechtle are among some of the notable alumni of California College of the Arts.