Bentley University

Established in 1917, Bentley University was initially known as the Bentley School of Accounting and Finance. It was founded by Harry C. Bentley who until 1953 had served as the President of the school. President Morison had shifted the college from Boylston college in Boston to Waltham in Massachusetts. The college got accreditation in 1971 to confer bachelor’s degrees and in 1973 to confer graduate degrees. The school changed its name to Bentley College around this time. In 2008, it became a university. Their motto is ‘Paratus’ in Latin, which means ‘Prepared’ in English. Its colors are blue and white and the nickname is Falcons. Flex the Falcon is the mascot of Bentley University.

The campus of Bentley can be divided into three parts. The first is the Upper Campus. It is situated to the north of Beaver Street. It houses all the classrooms and most of the academic buildings. The Upper Campus also has the campus bookstore, a few upperclassman dorms, and three freshmen dorms. The second campus is known as the Lower Campus. It has the Dana Athletic Centre, more upperclassman dorms, and a multi-purpose arena. The Lower Campus is connected to the Upper Campus via a bridge over Beaver Street. The Lower Campus is situated to the south of Beaver Street. The third campus is known as the North Campus. It houses the A, B, C, and D Residence Halls. In 2005, residence halls A and B were opened and in 2007, residence halls C and D were opened. The North Campus is located on Forest Street, near the main entrance of the Upper Campus.

The departments in Bentley University include computer information systems, English and media studies, global studies, information and process management, taxation, law, and financial planning, marketing, modern languages, philosophy, accountancy, economics, finance, history, information design and corporate communication, management, mathematical sciences, natural and applied sciences, and sociology. The endowment of Bentley University amounted to $241.9 million as of 2016. The university provides some financial aid to the eligible students. After the financial aid, the cost comes to around $34K.

Some notable alumni of Bentley University are former member of United States House of Representatives George J. Bates, President and CEO of Sprint Corporation and founder of Brightstar Corp. Marcelo Claure, American politician Robert B. Kennedy, former host of the Tonight Show Jay Leno, 22nd President of Liberia Charles Taylor, and WJLA-TV broadcast journalist Gail Huff.