Master of Science in Computer Science

The University of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, USA
Master of Science in Computer Science
Duration12-15 Months
LevelMasters Program
  • The University of Chicago’s Department of Computer Science offers nine months postgraduate degree in Computer Science which provides students a deep foundation in computer science
  • Students acquire the skills required for an exciting career in software engineering, finance, trading analytics, and more
  • Graduates are provided a strong fundamental grounding in software engineering research, theory, principles, and practice (e.g. CMMI, RUP, UML, and design patterns)
  • Full-time students at the University of Chicago take 3 classes per quarter and have the choice to complete the 9-Course program in one academic year or the 12-Course specialization program in 15 months
Fees componentsAmount
Tuition & fees4056471 INR
Insurance334414 INR
Transportation259270 INR
Graduate Student Services Fee121871 INR
Books and Supplies174311 INR
Personal/Miscellaneous307608 INR
Total1197474 INR

Entry Criteria

Class 12thNo specific cutoff mentioned
BachelorsNo specific cutoff mentioned
  • Applicants must hold a four-year bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university
  • Prerequisites:
    • Programming:
      • Data types (native and derived)
      • Operators, precedence, and expressions
      • Assignment and statements
      • Control flow (conditionals and iteration)
      • Functions, return types, and parameters
      • Recursion
      • Console and file I/O
    • Math:
      • Logic: propositional logic; quantifiers
      • Mathematical reasoning: methods of proof, direct proof, and indirect proof. Mathematical induction and strong induction
      • Counting: methods of counting; permutations, combinations, binomial theorem, pigeonhole principle, inclusion-exclusion
      • Discrete probability: discrete probability spaces; conditional probability and independence; Bernoulli trials, Bayes’s theorem, random variables, and expected value; variance, geometric and binomial distributions
      • Asymptotic notation
      • Recurrences and methods of solving recurrences
      • Graphs: simple graphs, isomorphism, paths, trees
      • Modular arithmetic, divisibility, prime numbers; GCD and Euclid’s algorithm, Fermat’s little theorem
  • Students who meet the prerequisites for programming, either through previous academic coursework or work experience, should plan to start the MPCS with core classes
  • Applicants from a three-year bachelor’s program will be given due consideration
ExamsTOEFL: 90


GRE: Accepted
  • GRE Quantitative: 80th percentile and above
  • GRE Subject Test scores are not required

GMAT: Accepted
  • GMAT Quantitative: 70th percentile and above

Additional info
  • GRE will be waived if applicants feel that their strong evidence of success in advanced mathematical coursework at the graduate level shown on previous academic transcripts. Coursework in advanced math at the University of Chicago, or other highly competitive Universities, both at the graduate and undergraduate level, will be considered as well
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