B.S Industrial and Systems Engineering

Ohio University

Athens, Ohio, USA
B.S Industrial and Systems Engineering
Duration4 Years
LevelBachelors Program
  • Objective of the program is to prepare engineers who are able to apply ISE tools and knowledge to support, improve, manage, develop, design, or implement a project, process, or system that has a positive impact on relevant key-performance indicators
  • Students will obtain a broad technical background with special attention to productivity, costs, quality, and the human factor in production and other systems
  • Knowledge of the program can be apply to many sectors like manufacturing systems, distribution centers, information systems, hospitals, transportation networks, and financial systems
Fees componentsAmount
Tuition & fees1584328 INR
Hostel & Meals787037 INR
Insurance159224 INR
Transportation115133 INR
Personal Expense83640 INR
Books and supplies75730 INR
Total1220764 INR

Entry Criteria

Class 12thNo specific cutoff mentioned
  • Above average grades based on exam scale on certificate or school scale is generally 60% or better
  • Applicants are strongly recommended to study the folllowing subjects:
    • 4 units of English
    • 4 units of mathematics (including Algebra II or above)
    • 3 units of science (one year of chemistry, and one year of physics are necessary)
    • 3 units of social studies
    • 2 units of foreign language
    • 1 unit of visual or performing arts
    • 4 additional elective units
ExamsTOEFL: 71
  • With writing sub-score of 17

  • With no sub-score below 6.0

Additional info
  • ELP requirement may be waive if applicants have recently completed at least three years in a high school in an English-speaking system which also includes three years of high school English course with a grade of B or better
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